Monday, 24 June 2013

Plantago Ovata-A life Savior Plant

About Plantago Ovata:
Plantago Ovata is an Indian native plant which is famous for its best medicinal properties. Its common name is “Psyllium”. It belongs to:

Kingdom--- Plantae
Family--- Plantaginaceae
Order--- Lamiales
Genus--- Plantago
Species--- P. ovate

Its local name is isabgol or isabhghula. Mostly people of western India are cultivating this plant as it is widely used in cosmetics, food grade and pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Plantago Ovata loves to grow at sea areas.

Why Plantago Ovata should be used?

It is a very good medicine for certain minor problems like constipation, lower your cholesterol (Cholesterol cause of heart dieses), maintain blood glucose and insulin (Lack of insulin causes diabetes), maintain colon health and many more benefits it has.

It is a diet with rich fiber which makes your bowel healthy by avoiding constipation and diverticular disease. As per result of a survey, that by adding soluble fiber to your meal containing carbohydrates will improve blood glucose by slowing the release of sugar into the bloodstream.

Dosage of Plantago Ovata

Studies have found that to maintain good health, sufficient water and fiber is very necessary. It makes your body very light. Dosage of fiber for women should be 25g per day and 38g for men. If you have no time to maintain your daily diet with fiber, then Psyllium Powder with one glass of water can provide you the minimum requirement of fiber.


The main advantage of Powder of Psyllium or Psyllium Husk Powder is it has no side effect. It is very safe for all ages. It increases the harmony of your energy level and keeps you fit. It is 100% natural and safe. It nourishes your waste filtering process. It contains no toxic or chemical or any harmful ingredients which harm your body. So, by drinking one glass of Psyllium Powder with water keeps you fit and fine.


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