Monday, 6 August 2012

Kadam is Psyllium Husk Exporters

Psyllium seed and husk come from the fleawort, or plantago, plant, which is native to parts of India, Asia and the Mediterranean. The seeds are an excellent source of soluble fiber and psyllium is the active ingredient in many over-the-counter bulk-forming laxative products.

Psyllium seeds is an medicinal plant product of dried ripe seeds of plantago ovata forks (farm. Plantaginancae) and it has been cleaned free for all dust, agri farm fibers, wastes, mud, stones and iron particles.

Kadam Exports Private Ltd., is a Government Recognized Export house and GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices approved company. We are manufacturer exporter of Organic and Natural Psyllium Seed / Husk / Powder. We also manufacture and process Orange flavour a natural dietary fiber. It has been cleaned free for all dust, agri farm fibers, wastes, mud, stones and iron. Our Whole Psyllium Seeds are made up of 40% Linoleic Acid (LA), an important fatty acid essential to health along with other chemicals like Arabinose, Xylose, Galacturonic Acid, Semi Drying Fatty Oil and small amount of Aucubin.

Common Names of Psyllium :
  • Flea
  • lspaghua
  • Spogel
  • Plantago Psyllium
  • Isaphgol
  • Plantago sp.
  • Isabgula
  • Plantaginis Ovatae Semen (Semen Plantaginis Ovatae)
  • Semen Ispaghulae

Botanical Names of Psyllium :
  • Plantago Ovata
  • Plantago Ispaghula

Psyllium Other Name :
  • Psyllii semen
  • Blond Psyllium
  • Cleansing Plaintain
  • Natural dietary Fiber
  • Herbal supplement
  • Fiber - blend
  • Laxative
  • Nutrition- Herbs
  • Feed Supplement
  • Pale Psyllium
 Used As :
  • Coolant
  • Laxative
  • Soothing
  • Anti-acidic
  • Anti-diuretic and demulcent

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